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Mark Creager from Creager Electrical is a fabulous electrician and a really nice guy. I originally met Mark when I was having an electrical problem with the exterior lights on my detached garage. He solved the problem and even intervened with the store from which I purchased new exterior lights, to get me a refund on custom lights that didn’t work on my house.

I next hired Mark to install a ceiling fan and various interior fixtures and the work was done quickly and expertly. I recently hired Mark to solve an interior “mystery” electrical problem involving various lights and appliances throughout the house. After some time investigating, the problem was solved with little interruption and no damage to drywall or ceilings. Some fallout from the mystery electrical problem involved a non-functioning sump pump and sewage tank, and Mark combined both electrical and plumbing services to get the job done. Mark is trustworthy, responsive and reliable. He is a highly experienced electrician who gets the job done. His fees are reasonable for the expert service he provides.

Jennifer A. Brust, Esquire
Bean, Kinney & Korman, P.C.
2300 Wilson Boulevard
7th Floor
Arlington, VA 22201
jbrust (at)

My experience with Creager Electrical has been very positive. Mr. Creager and his crew were very professional and neat, and I was very impressed with their attention to detail. This was evident not only in the quality of the work they did, but also in terms of Mr. Creager taking the time to explain the work to me beforehand.

Dr. Claus Langfred
clangfre (at)

I had an excellent experience with Creager Electrical. Mark Creager was extremely responsive and helpful when I had several questions about my electrical project and was readily available by both phone and email. He even came out on the weekend for a free estimate and went over several options while throughly explaining each option. Mark even gave me a bit of an electrical education so that I could better understand my electrical system and be a better homeowner. Once we had decided on an option, Mark was able to come out the next day and complete the work. He was on time and very professional and completed the work very quickly and with great attention to detail. My job required Mark to cut holes in the drywall and he was extremely meticulous to make sure the holes were as small as possible. The work Mark did was of high quality and everything is working perfectly. I would highly recommend Mark for any electrical project: he is extremely knowledgable, professional, and helpful and also had very competitive quotes. It is rare that you find a combination of both value and quality.

Thanks Mark!
Roya Mogadam
Fairfax, VA

Thank you Mark Creager!

Last week, two of our three smoke detectors went off one morning. Scared the heck out of both humans and felines in our house. It was a false alarm, and taking the alarms off and putting them back on stopped the shrieking. Then yesterday, when Ken was at VetVision for Gemini’s followup eye surgery, they went off again. Thankfully, they stopped after about 30 seconds, but the damage to my heart and the kittens’ psyches had been done. This could not keep happening.

I found an electrician through Google (; 703-698-7654), and he said he could come today and would replace all three smoke alarms for $225. He arrived on time, and as his two workers set about replacing the smoke alarms, he saw the kittens who are in cages in our living room being treated for various kitten things (diarrhea, slow weight gain, URI, etc.). He asked if any were well enough for him to hold, and after I said “sure,” he went around picking up and cuddling four or five of them.

I said I’d write him a check. “$225, right?” “Make it for $200,” he said, “and put the $25 toward taking care of these kittens.” And that’s exactly what I did. I wrote him a check for $200, and a check to Tails High for $25. He’ll get a thank-you letter for the $25. Mark Creager’s generosity has made my day.

Oh, and one other thing: Mark told me that current fire safety standards recommend that smoke alarms be replaced every 10 years. I’m sure ours are the ones put in when the house was built nearly 25 years ago. I had no idea they needed to be replaced.

Claudia, Tails High

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Expecting a power failure in my neighborhood during the 2010 big snow storm, I decided to purchase a 7000 watt portable electrical generator right before the storm hit us. This generator was not hooked with my main electrical panel. Since then I was thinking whether to hook it up with the main panel. Last month right before the hurricane Irene, I called Creager Electrical Services. Mark Creager came out to give us an estimate on hooking my generator with the main panel via a transfer switch. In the process, we discussed options for our wiring needs, Mark offered suggestions but never tried to sell us a service that was not needed and there was no pressure to make a decision. I wanted hook up six transfer circuits with the main panel. He clearly explained what he was going to do, what should be expected and time frame for completion of job. We did our research and compared the price against Dominion’s offer on generator Connection Hubs. We made the best decision in hiring Creager because they did an excellent job and took care of the entire work very professionally and even went to the county have the permit issued. I would highly recommend Creager Electrical Services for all your electrical works and I am looking forward to have more electrical work done by them in future. If you have any questions feel free to call me or write to me.

Kamal and Shameema
Springfield, VA 22150
guineajewel (at

Mark, Thank you for the prompt, professional way in which you updated the wiring in my 65-year old family home. The whole renovation project was on hold until you could fix the electrical problems encountered. The general contractor commented that he really liked you and your work, and I'm sure he has seen the work of many others in his career.

Jocelyn Broches
Broches_Jocelyn09 (at)

The derecho storm that hit the east coast the evening of June 29th caused an extreme amount of damage in Northern Virginia. In our particular case a 25 foot Bradford Pear in the back yard came down and took our power line with it. The force of that tree falling on the line also pulled the power box and meter off the house. It took several calls to Dominion Virginia Power over the next two days to get straight what we had to do. They were obviously overwhelmed and the best estimate we could get was maybe by the end of the week or following weekend we would get power back. We were also told we would need to get an electrician to repair all the damage to the load side of the line before the power company would even attempt to schedule repairing the power line coming from the pole. Of course, this was in the middle of a record breaking heat wave and we, along with all our neighbors, were suffering mightily.

Monday I called Mark Creager and he said he would look at the job that afternoon. He did and we shook hands on the deal. He said he would be back the next day at noon and he was. Mark also told me I would no longer need to deal with the power company or the Fairfax County Inspector; he would take care of that communication as part of the service.

Imagine my surprise when at 1:30 AM that night I got a call from Mark informing me that a Dominion Virginia Power truck would be at our home shortly to drop the power line so he could do his side of the job on Tuesday. How he pulled this off when the power company was so overburdened; I don’t know and Mark would just smile when asked. He and his helper, Paul, facing a very difficult task, completed a very professional job. To my surprise again, the Inspector showed up and we got our approval so the power company could go ahead with their effort.

The final small miracle happened just as Mark and Paul were finishing and cleaning up; the power company showed up to fix the line to the pole. As I write this, I still wonder if this was just serendipity or some kind of electrician’s good ol' boy network. We went from thinking we wouldn’t have power until the weekend to having it Tuesday evening. When I asked Mark about this extraordinary bit of timing magic, again, he just smiled.

To say that I and my family were extremely grateful to Creager Electrical Services and satisfied customers doesn’t quite explain it. We feel that we made a new friend we can trust when things go wrong.

Steven Craig Reynolds
Sreynol7 (at)